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The team of Lithium miners in Tonopah, Nevada


Nevada is emerging as the leading lithium battery center in North America. Every stage of the energy storage supply chain, from exploration to recycling, is present and developing in our state, and it is poised to grow. The current investment in this industry has produced profoundly positive environmental, economic, and national security advantages, all of which are strengthened by uniting the industry through the Nevada Battery Coalition (NBC).

The formation of the NBC was announced at the Nevada Clean Energy and Transportation Conference in Reno, Nevada, on February 2, 2023. Following the announcement, organizing members worked to define the purpose and activities, legal structure, and budget and governance structure of the new organization. These areas are detailed within this document.

Purpose and Activities:

  1. Public Awareness:

    NBC will work to inform the public and decision-makers on the current successes and future opportunity of the lithium battery industry in Nevada.

  2. Industry Promotion and Advocacy:

    NBC will advance opportunities for the industry in Nevada by speaking in a unified voice to key decision-makers.

  3. Workforce and Economic Development:

    NBC will identify gaps and develop solutions in the areas of workforce and economic development to support the lithium industry in Nevada.

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